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Senior Golf: Top Three Health Benefits

senior-golf One of the best things about golf is that it’s ageless. Adults and children alike can find meaning in the game regardless of age or gender. And these days, seniors in particular, are more interested in staying active than ever before, making a leisurely (but still challenging) game of golf the perfect go-to activity. In addition to being enjoyable, it also has a number of health benefits for senior golf players.

Why should I join a golf league?

golf-league (2)Why do you love golf? Everyone has their reasons. We love golf because of the challenge; because of the scenic backdrop; because golf offers us an escape from the daily grind. But mostly we love golf because it can be enjoyed in the company of friends. At Southern Hills Golf, we’re committed to strengthening old bonds and facilitating new friendships through our Eagan golf leagues. We’ll be hosting a number of leagues throughout the upcoming season that are tailored to meet individual skill levels and goals. We’re also open to supporting new golf leagues in our official schedule as well.