Tips from Our Eagan Golf Course: Keep Your Game Sharp This Winter

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Winter Golf You’ve spent all spring, summer and fall perfecting your swing, just to take three months off and start from scratch again next season. The winter season can be a little depressing, especially for avid golfers in the upper Midwest. Maybe you can’t golf 18 holes at your favorite Eagan golf course this winter, but there are some ways to keep your game sharp during the off-season.

Set-Up a Practice Station

The first thing you should do is set up a small practice facility in your garage or basement where you can focus on your swing and positioning on a regular basis. A full-length mirror can help you maintain proper form. A putting station, either homemade with a piece of carpet and a cup or a store-bought putting surface can help you practice. You can also use the same surface to refine your chipping skills. Try chipping into a waste basket or a padded chair to hone in on your short game.

Get Out and Practice

Whether it’s a golf simulator, driving range, golf dome or an actual outdoor golf course – there’s probably somewhere you can go to sneak in a little practice during the off season. Even just a little practice during the winter can dramatically improve your game come springtime.

Take a Golf Vacation

There’s nothing like the real deal, and a golf centric vacation can do wonders for your game and your peace of mind. Choosing a golf resort where the weather is mild and the prices are reduced can make for a great weekend getaway. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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