Four of Our Favorite Golf Course Events and Traditions

golf Golf has been a popular sport for centuries.  And at this point, there’s probably about as many golf course events and traditions as there are golfers. Though it was hard to choose, we outlined some of our favorite golf course events and traditions below:

Swanky Green Jackets

The green jacket is long held tradition within The Masters, dating all the way back to 1937. That year, Augusta National members started wearing green blazers during Masters Week so patrons could identify them as a reliable source of information. These days, the winner of The Masters is presented with the jacket each year.


Caddies used to serve a more important function within the game of golf. Sadly, with the advent of motorized carts, caddies have become a forgotten part of the game on a country-club level. However, on a professional level these guys are still doing pretty well – with some making six-figures or more annually.

The Crow’s Nest

Tiger Woods has slept there. So has Jack Nicklaus. For decades, the famed Crow’s Nest has served as a makeshift college dormitory for amateurs at the The Masters. Though it’s no luxury hotel, many describe their experience in this 30-by-40 foot room – which sits atop the Champions Locker Room – to be priceless.

Giving Back

Golf does a lot more than entertain the masses – it’s also a way to give back. According to recent statistics, the National Golf Foundation’s generated a whopping $3.9 billion across the country in 2011 alone. A total of 143,000 golf course events were hosted, each collecting an average charitable donation of $26,300 per event. Image Credit: Flickr

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