Why should I join a golf league?

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golf-league (2)Why do you love golf? Everyone has their reasons. We love golf because of the challenge; because of the scenic backdrop; because golf offers us an escape from the daily grind. But mostly we love golf because it can be enjoyed in the company of friends. At Southern Hills Golf, we’re committed to strengthening old bonds and facilitating new friendships through our Eagan golf leagues. We’ll be hosting a number of leagues throughout the upcoming season that are tailored to meet individual skill levels and goals. We’re also open to supporting new golf leagues in our official schedule as well.

Junior Golf Leagues

You’re never too young to develop a deep appreciation for golf. Our junior leagues start with the basics, focusing on golf rules and etiquette, and culminate with the Junior Club Championship at the end of the season. Young players can benefit in a number of ways (plus it gets them out of the house for a few hours). Why you’ll love our junior golf leagues:
  • Golf teaches integrity
  • Golf never plays favorites
  • College scholarships
  • No need to be 6’3’’ and 200lbs +
  • Most importantly – Golf = FUN!

Are you interested in our junior golf league?

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Competitive Golf Leagues

Are you up for a challenge? Then you’ll love our competitive golf leagues. We have leagues for men and women that are both friendly and welcoming with a competitive twist. Compete individually, in pairs or as a team of four. All points are tallied throughout the season and the winners are awarded an array of prizes. Why you’ll love our competitive golf leagues:
  • Compete with players at your skill level
  • Improve your game
  • Make friends in your community
  • Great savings for regular players

Are you interested in our competitive golf league?

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Couples Golf Leagues

You’ve probably heard the saying: couples who play together, stay together. Well our couples league confirms it. Our league plays in a 2-person format and we keep things interesting by switching up the theme and type of game play each week. The game is followed by dinner, making it a great way to reconnect or to socialize with other couples. Why you’ll love our couples golf leagues:
  • Designated “date nights”
  • Relax and de-stress
  • Meet couples with similar interests
  • Enjoy a delicious meal for two

Are you interested in our couples golf league?

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Senior Golf Leagues

Don’t waste your retirement on the couch – join a senior golf league instead. Our leagues are perfect for seniors who wish to re-develop a sense of community connectedness. Aside from being both a fun and entertaining way to meet other people, playing golf is also a health-promoting activity for seniors. Why you’ll love our senior golf leagues:
  • Great source of leisurely exercise
  • Endless health benefits
  • Socialize with others in your community
  • Challenges the mind

Are you interested in our senior golf league?

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Upcoming Golf Leagues

We could continue to blabber on and on about the emotional, mental and physical benefits of golf – or you could just find out for yourself! Even though there’s still snow on the ground, it’s never too early to start thinking about the upcoming season. We’re already taking signups, so reserve your spot today! Also, if you have a great idea, don’t forget we’re also open to adding new leagues to our schedule. Image Credit: Flickr

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