Senior Golf: Top Three Health Benefits

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senior-golf One of the best things about golf is that it’s ageless. Adults and children alike can find meaning in the game regardless of age or gender. And these days, seniors in particular, are more interested in staying active than ever before, making a leisurely (but still challenging) game of golf the perfect go-to activity. In addition to being enjoyable, it also has a number of health benefits for senior golf players.

Stay Fit and Healthy

Though golf is often considered a leisurely sport, it’s still a great cardiovascular workout (assuming you skip the cart). Playing golf just once a week means you’re walking between four and eight miles – which is great for the heart and lungs. Regular play can also translate into lowered cholesterol levels, improved muscle tone and a reduction in body fat percentage.

Increase Bone Strength

In addition to being a great cardiovascular workout, golf is also a great weight bearing exercise (again, as long as you skip the cart). Weight bearing exercises are recommended for senior men and women who naturally become more vulnerable to osteoporosis as they age. Regular golf can help prevent bone degradation while also increasing muscle strength.

Improve Mood and Decrease Stress

Ever wonder why you feel so good after a round of golf? It might be the endorphin rush. Endorphins are chemicals within the body released into the bloodstream during exercise. When this happens, the body experiences a boost in mood and wellbeing. Enhanced moods are responsible for reducing stress levels, moderating pain levels and increasing lifespans. Are you getting geared up for the upcoming golf season? We are too! So much so that we’re already taking signups for both our senior men’s golf league and our senior couple’s golf league. Feel free to signup online or give us a call at (651) 463-GOLF (4653). Image Credit: Flickr

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