Reasons You Should Ditch the Cart and Walk

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golf-course Whoosh! SMACK! Sound familiar? There’s nothing more exciting than that first round of golf after a long, cold winter – even when you’re a little out-of-shape. One of the best things about golf is that it caters to all ages and fitness levels. It’s also an excellent way to tone up after a sedentary winter.So how can you get the most out of your golf workout this spring? WALK!

The Health Benefits of Walking the Golf Course

We love golf carts just as much as the next person, but it’s hard to deny the immense physical benefits of walking the golf course instead (at least some of the time). It’s not only good for the health of your body; it’s good for the health of your game. Numerous research studies have confirmed that walking the golf course is a great way to improve fitness levels and burn calories to boot. According to Golf Science International, four hours of golfing (sans a golf cart) is comparable to a 45-minute aerobics class. Another study found that golfers who walk 36 holes per week can burn nearly 3,000 calories – an ideal amount for lowering their risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Tips for Getting Back Into Shape

If you’re really out-of-shape and don’t normally walk the course, we recommend taking it slow at first until you build up some endurance. There are several ways to do this:
  • Walk alternate holes during a round, so that by the end of your round you’ve walked nine holes.
  • Walk one set of nines and then rent a golf cart for the other nine.
  • If you’re at a course where golf carts are mandatory, walk down the fairway to your ball while your partner drives the cart up.
  • If playing with a partner who prefers to us a golf cart, choose to ride only on the cart path and walk to and from the cart to your ball on every hole.
Ditching the cart means you’ll have to carry your own golf bag, so be careful not to injure your back in the process. Switching to a double-strap bag or using a motorized caddy can alleviate strain on your body. Whether you choose to walk or ride, we’re looking forward to seeing you out on our course this spring! Get ahead by signing up for a membership at Southern Hills. All of our memberships are currently on sale. Image Credit: Fotopedia

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