3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Game This Spring

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Last year was one of the earliest starts to golf season in the history of our Eagan course.

This year is a much different story.

It’s the third week in April and we’ve still got snow in the forecast. But trust us when we say golf season is almost here. (We hear it might even be in the 60’s next weekend).

That being said, if you haven’t starting preparing for the upcoming season — you best start now. Below we’ve listed a few easy steps that will surely improve your golf game this season.

Check Your Equipment

Your clubs have been hibernating for months, so it’s probably safe to assume they could use a TLC.

When it comes time to dust them off, make sure to give them a thorough once over — starting with the grips. Grips are usually the first thing to go, and replacing them can make a significant difference in your ability to control the club.

Next, take some time to clean the grooves — which will directly affect performance and playability. And finally, have a look at the lie angles on your irons.

Also, don’t neglect your footwear. If you’re a regular player, most golf shoes won’t make it past a few seasons. If you aren’t ready to replace your shoes, you should at least replace your cleats.

Get Refresher Lessons

Like most of us, you’re probably itching to get out on the course after what seems like an endless winter. We totally understand.

That being said, far too many players rush out on the course without refreshing their mind and body on some of the most important fundamentals of the game.

Whether you decide to grab an instruction book or schedule a couple of golf lessons with one of our pros, you won’t regret brushing up on some of the basics. Even the world’s best players take lessons — and you should too.

Take Care of Yourself

When it comes to health, golf is no different than any other sport. You can’t play your best unless you take care of yourself.

Diet in particular, can really have an impact on your performance. Good nutrition paired with adequate hydration is key. Avoid fatty, fried foods on the days you plan to hit the course and make sure to drink lots of water.

If you can, avoid drinking alcohol before and during your game as well. Even a little bit of alcohol can heighten symptoms of dehydration like fatigue.

Feeling optimistic about the weather? Book a tee time for you and your friends!

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