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Improve Your Golf Game With These Mobile Apps

Playing a round or two of golf is the perfect excuse to get some fresh air and put down the smartphone. Well it is for some of us. For others, it’s the perfect excuse to integrate a love for golf with a love for technology. Though you probably don’t need another excuse to be on your phone outside of work hours, there are some great iPhone apps that can help you on the golf course in more ways than one. Just ask Tiger.

Reasons You Should Ditch the Cart and Walk

golf-course Whoosh! SMACK! Sound familiar? There’s nothing more exciting than that first round of golf after a long, cold winter – even when you’re a little out-of-shape. One of the best things about golf is that it caters to all ages and fitness levels. It’s also an excellent way to tone up after a sedentary winter.So how can you get the most out of your golf workout this spring? WALK!